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Serving the greater Chicago area and surrounding states since 1986

What is Demarc? We’ll give you a hint – it’s not the mark. 

In communications technology, a demarcation point, or Demarc, is the point where the public network ends and connects with a customer's on-premises wiring. In other words, it's the dividing line that determines who is responsible for installation and maintenance of wiring and equipment. Demarc point extension plays a critical role. When demarcation extensions have problems, an office can't communicate effectively.


IBC union electricians provide low voltage wiring and expert Demarc extension installation. Demarcation point extension services are usually required when a new circuit is ordered. They connect your private network to the new data line that is provided by a telephone or internet carrier (such as Comcast or AT&T) in order to integrate with your network. 

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The Specs and Checks 

Our experienced technicians will connect your Demarc one of three ways: via copper, fiber or coax,
as specified by the carrier. IBC also installs the necessary conduit and electrical service required often by AT&T. Regardless of the type of cable (4-pair, 25-pair, 50-pair, 100-pair, 200-pair, or fiber optic), our electricians will design
a horizontal distribution system, or a backbone distribution system (utilizing multiple vertical distributions)
for high-rise buildings or a lengthy hallway. 


We will then label and test the cables to ensure your new circuit is working properly. While Demarc
extension cost can often be pricy, IBC offers our services at an affordable price, providing you
with the Demarc extension services you need without spending a fortune.


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