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The Most Robust Infrastructures are Built on 30 plus Years of Experience

Serving the greater Chicago area and surrounding states since 1986


Expertly designed and installed, IBC’s comprehensive structured data cabling systems are efficient and economic network infrastructures that keep your employees consistently connected and productive. Telephone and data transmission network infrastructures are vital to your company’s success. IBC assures that all design and installation details are right the first time, every time. Our skilled technicians revel in putting their experience and expertise to work to solve complex and challenging issues. 


Structured Cabling,
Data & Voice Network Wiring

For every IBC structured network wiring begins with a comprehensive exploration of your business and all current and future wiring and communications requirements. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. IBC saves you time and money by recommending structured data cabling solutions that are a custom fit for your organization’s needs.

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We always install

complete satisfaction 

team players 

No project is too large or too small for IBC. Our list of satisfied and connected customers includes hospitals, nursing homes, dentist’s offices, attorney’s offices, manufacturing facilities, banks, and corporate offices, just to name a few. Whether your organization is in need of a complete network wiring solution in a new facility or a redesign of an existing system, IBC always installs complete satisfaction. Our teams work diligently to minimize downtime, save money by using existing equipment when possible, and establish smooth, reliable connections. And we coordinate work with other trades when necessary. 

Our union technicians have received countless hours of training and on-the-job experience, ensuring that our work consistently meets the highest structured cabling standards. We work hard to maintain our reputation for being an honest, fair, knowledgeable and friendly provider of top-notch structured cabling installations. We make it easy on your IT team and design well-organized systems that are easy to navigate, clearly labeled with meticulous wire management. Detailed layouts of all equipment cabinetry, computer and server rooms, racks, and pathways make troubleshooting easy so that your network will always run smoothly. IBC’s 30+ years of experience and dedication to customer service make us the go to pros for all your cabling needs. 

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Associations, Partners, Vendors, & Distributors 

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