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The Most Robust Infrastructures are Built on 30 plus Years of Experience


Serving the greater Chicago area and surrounding states since 1986

Over and Under

When there’s a need to connect multiple buildings with phone and data cable networks, IBC has custom solutions for every situation. We install underground PVC pipes with traditional trenching if there are no obstacles between the buildings. If buildings, roadways or other structures prohibit trenching, then directional boring can be a good solution. Boring allows minimally invasive access to install the pipes without significantly disrupting the ground. IBC installs underground conduit with directional boring to house client cable or AT&T installed cable.


If going underground isn’t an option, then there’s only one way but up! IBC techs install overhead cable using a figure 8 cable for support when run over a significant distance. Also known as overhead cabling, aerial cabling installs the cabling outside along a line of utility poles. This ensures your cable connections are kept away from any foot traffic. This is a great option that is easily modified if you need to add more cabling and cost effective.

IBC experts will guide you through all of the options, and help you choose just the right cabling solution for your needs. 

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