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The Most Robust Infrastructures are Built on 30 plus Years of Experience


Serving the greater Chicago area and surrounding states since 1986

For over thirty years we have been providing infrastructure cabling and communications wiring to just about every type of business.The IBC team keeps your business connected with the latest technology, years of experience and the highest quality customer service.

We adhere to the most current ANSI/TIA/EIA standards and BICSI best practices. And we always work with you organization

to provide a customized infrastructure solution at a fair price, on time and on budget.


We always go 

above and beyond.

And we even go

underground too.

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When there’s a need to connect multiple buildings with phone and data cable networks, IBC has custom solutions for every situation. We install underground PVC pipes with traditional trenching if there are no obstacles between the buildings. If waterways, buildings, roadways or other structures prohibit trenching, then directional boring can be a good solution. Boring allows minimally invasive access to install the pipes without significantly disrupting the ground. IBC installs underground conduit with directional boring to house client cable or AT&T installed cable.


If going underground isn’t an option, then there’s only one way but up! IBC techs install overhead cable using a figure 8 cable for support when run over a significant distance. Satellite is another option when cable is needed to connect structures at further distances.  IBC experts will guide you through all of the options, and help you choose just the right cabling solution for your needs. 

  • Horizontal wiring (from the IT closet or MDF/IDF to desktop locations)

  • Vertical wiring (from floor to floor)

  • Category 5e (cat5 cable), cat 6 cable, cat 7, fiber optic (optical fiber), coax (coaxial), direct burial, trenching, aerial cabling

  • We adhere to all building code cabling requirements including proper installation of plenum (CMP) or non-plenum (PVC, riser rated, CMR)

  • We adhere to all industry standards for testing and certification of wiring

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  • Category 5E, 6, 6A and 7 Cabling

  • Structured Network Cabling

  • Complete Rewiring

  • Replacing / Upgrading Voice and Data Cabling

  • Adding New Cable Drops, Fax Lines and Outlets

  • Clean Up and Removal of Abandoned Wiring per Building Code Requirements

  • Certification of all Cable

  • Fiber Optic Installation - Single Mode, Multimode,

     Fiber Optic Testing and Terminations (ST - SC - LC - MTRJ)

  • Wireless Communications Systems Installations / WiFi / Wireless Network Installation, Access Point Installation

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  • Evaluate current and future WIFI performance 

  • Address and eliminate dead spots

  • Add and or improve wireless coverage



  • Analysis and optimal solutions for connecting distant structures

  • Trenching service including directional boring 

  • Aerial solutions including satellite 



  • Demarc Extensions 

  • Complete Circuit Installation, Turn Up and Test

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Associations, Partners, Vendors, & Distributors 

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