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The Most Robust Infrastructures are Built on 30 plus Years of Experience

Serving the greater Chicago area and surrounding states since 1986

IBC is your top resource for video surveillance systems in the Chicago area. Day or night, indoors or outdoors, our advanced video security technology provides crisp, clear footage and peace of mind. We offer a wide range of customizable video surveillance systems.

Expertly designed and installed, IBC’s comprehensive structured data cabling systems are efficient and economic network infrastructures that keep your employees consistently connected and productive.

The speed of your business is not slowing down. Many companies are switching to fiber optic networking for its ability to transmit large amounts of data with greater speed and fidelity over longer distances. 

In communications technology, a demarcation point, or Demarc, is the point where the public network ends and connects with a customer's
on-premises wiring.

There is an increasing demand for greater wireless capacity in wireless networking enabled buildings. Rapidly growing WIFI usage, insufficient wireless networks, and dead spots are addressed by IBC installers who take the time to understand your specific wireless concerns. 

Telephone and data transmission network infrastructures are vital to your company’s success. IBC assures that all design and installation details are right the first time, every time.

When there’s a need to connect multiple buildings with phone and data cable networks, IBC has custom solutions for every situation. We install underground PVC pipes with traditional trenching. IBC techs also install overhead cable using a figure 8 cable for support when run over a significant distance.


We're wired with all the right answers.

Is your business expanding, downsizing, merging departments, or consolidating operations? Making changes within your current space or moving into a new space can be costly, complicated and often creates connectivity concerns. IBC provides a thorough cost analysis to help you make the right choice between re-using or purchasing new materials, so you save money, and help the environment. We offer the most efficient and economical voice and data wiring solutions for space modifications. 
Please visit our Services page or let us know if you'd like a free quote.


Moving your Business?

We're packed with reliable relocation solutions. 

New construction or relocating employees from one office to another requires careful planning and implementation. IBC network cable technicians ensure that your business stays online and running at full capacity with minimal downtime. Our team will evaluate your current and future infrastructure requirements and offer the most effective and efficient network cabling solutions. Facility floor diagrams/as-builts and test results are provided.


Stellar project management is invaluable during new construction, a business move, or relocation. IBC’s customer focused solutions deliver results and increase efficiencies. We troubleshoot any problems that may arise and discover the right solutions to keep your project on schedule and on budget from the initial phase through project completion. IBC project managers are experienced working in just about every environment, collaborating and coordinating with all other contractors. We've been moving clients for years and we have unique insight that allows us to plan for things that you may not have ever thought of. With IBC, you can focus on your core business while we masterfully handle all the details of your project. 

Visit our Case Studies page to view some of our work
and to see what we have done for your neighbors.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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