Structured Cabling Solutions

Since 1986, IBC has been a family-owned and operated commercial electrical contractor. We design and install structured cabling systems. We're experts in data and voice systems, network data, and video wiring. Our skilled team provides cost-effective, high-quality solutions for cabling projects.

A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware that provides infrastructure for phone and data. It's the glue that connects all PCs, phones and other devices used within a business.

Demarcation Extensions

In communications technology, a demarcation point, or demark, is the point where the public network ends and connects with a customer's on-premises wiring. In other words, it's the dividing line that determines who is responsible for installation and maintenance of wiring and equipment. Demarc extensions play a critical role. When demarc wiring extensions have problems, an office can't communicate effectively.

The Value of Structured Cabling

Demarc Wiring Extension

A good structured cabling system eliminates a lot of the complexity associated with modern network infrastructures. Structured cabling systems support the high bandwidth important for reliable infrastructure and growth. Scalability, flexibility and rapid responses are critical for retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. Structured cabling provides assurance that your network infrastructure can continue to support your business as it grows.

Cost Effective

Structured data cabling helps your business run smoothly. It's able to handle the high demands placed on it, providing a continuous flow of information. You'll enjoy greater productivity costs, plus you'll save time and money on maintenance, as well as on locating and fixing problems.

Improved Flexibility

A structured cabling system gives you more flexibility. It can quickly and easily accommodate moves, additions, and changes. It can dramatically reduce installation time and give you greater adaptability for growth.

Reduced Downtime

There's always a risk of human error, and mistakes can easily be made when you have multiple, unorganized cabling structures. Those mistakes can cause workflow disruptions and create network downtime. A well-planned cabling system means easier troubleshooting, making it easier to identify and fix problems quickly.


IBC is proud of our reputation for quality products and superior workmanship in the Chicago, IL, area. We serve the greater Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and southeastern Wisconsin, as well as northwestern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

No project is too large or too small. Our list of satisfied customers includes hospitals, nursing homes, dentist’s offices, attorney’s offices, manufacturing facilities, banks, corporate offices, and others. We design and install complete network wiring solutions in new facilities, as well as structured cabling redesigns.

If you’re moving or facing any kind of change, we'll work with you to understand your current and future requirements. You can depend on us to develop the most effective solutions to keep your employees connected.

We are always on time and on budget. Our number one priority is your complete satisfaction!

Demarcation Point Networking