Demarcation Extension Wiring

Since 1986, IBC has been a family-owned and operated commercial electrical contractor. We design and install structured cabling systems. Based in Wood Dale, IL, we're experts in data and voice systems, network data, and video wiring. Our skilled team provides cost-effective, high-quality solutions for cabling projects. A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware that provides infrastructure for phone and data. It's the glue that connects all PCs, phones and other devices used within a business.

In communications technology, a demarcation point, or demark, is the point where the public network ends and connects with a customer's on-premises wiring. In other words, it's the dividing line that determines who is responsible for installation and maintenance of wiring and equipment. Demarc point extension plays a critical role. When demarcation extensions have problems, an office can't communicate effectively.


IBC union electricians provide low voltage wiring and expert demarc extension installation in the Chicago IL area.

Demarc Wiring Extension

Demarc (also referred to as point of demarcation) is the physical point at which the public network of your telecommunication company (internet, phone or cable) ends and your private network begins. This is the place the vendor terminates their circuit. It then becomes your responsibility to have an electrician connect your network to that demarcation point. In office buildings this point may be in a basement or a shared telco close (MDF), or in a weatherproof box outside the building.

Demarcation point extension services are usually required when a new circuit is ordered. After acquiring your new circuit from the local carrier, an experienced IBC electrician will extend the carrier’s circuit or service from the point of demarcation to your office, typically through your communications closet. Demarc extension is necessary to connect your private network to the new data line that is provided by a telephone or internet carrier (such as Comcast or AT&T) in order to integrate with your network. At this point it may be necessary to install a network distribution system or create a structured cabling solution for a larger network. Our experienced electricians will connect the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to Intermediate Data Frames (IDF) one of three ways: via copper, fiber or coax, as specified by the carrier. IBC also installs the necessary conduit and electrical service required often by AT&T. Regardless of the type of cable (4-pair, 25-pair, 50-pair, 100-pair, 200-pair, or fiber optic), our electricians will design a horizontal distribution system (to connect the IDF to individual workstations), or a backbone distribution system (utilizing multiple vertical distributions) for high-rise buildings or a lengthy hallway. Your IBC electrician will then label and test the cables to ensure your new circuit is working properly. While demarc extension cost can often be pricy, IBC offers our services at an affordable price, providing you with the demarc extension services you need without spending a fortune.

For over 30 years IBC has provided cost-effective, high-quality installation for demarc wiring extension. We’re always on time and on budget. Our number one priority is your complete satisfaction! If you’re in need of demarcation point networking in Chicago, IL, you can trust IBC to handle your project with the utmost care and professionalism. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know how we can be of service.

Demarcation Point Networking