Every IBC cabling project begins by getting to know you. By understanding your current and future wiring and communications requirements, IBC can save you time and money by recommending the best investment options and explaining all the ‘hows’, ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ behind what we do. Thorough consultations are not only necessary, but have proven invaluable to every one of our clients, no matter the size nor scope of the work we performed. IBC cares about what is right for you, not just applying one size fits all solutions. Ask IBC clients - they’ll tell you that when they need service, IBC is there for them.

NURSING HOME: Relocating D-mark with Directional Boring, Installation of 4” Pipes and New Voice Field

A nursing home needed to relocate their d-mark due to area construction. Directional boring was required to install 4" PVC under parking lots between the ATT pole to client building. IBC two 4” PVC conduits, cored the exterior of both buildings and installed an LB to make the transition from horizontal to vertical. We used direct burial cable because it is water resistant.

IBC worked with AT&T to get the cable from their pole to the d-mark, and installed two more 4" pipes through the garage to the new d-mark. A new voice field consisting of 66M150 blocks was installed and all the new pairs were cross connected.

IBC frequently works with AT&T and various subcontractors to get the job done properly. Our staff expertly manages the entire project, coordinating meetings with the client, ATT and all relevant subcontractors.

DENTAL SURGICAL CENTER: Rewiring Voice Cables Due to Office Remodeling
Associates for Oral Surgery, Elk Grove Village

No wiring project is too big or too small for IBC. Remodeling of the existing office space required IBC to rewire voice cables for the telephone system. IBC was able to get this wiring done within a few hours to help expedite the remodel project, and get them back to business.

ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS: Installation of New 5e Wiring, IT Closet and Configuration with Multi-floor Cabling for New Build Out
Vistex, Inc., Hoffman Estates

A complete new build out of the 7th floor required IBC to install all new 5e network wiring, and connect the existing 5th & 6th floor IT closets to the new 7th floor IT closet via 12 strand fiber. Remodeling and relocating employees to the 7th floor also necessitated new configurations and additional cabling on all three floors. By reusing existing cabling and adding new cabling as needed IBC was able to offer a very cost effective solution.

HEALTHCARE MANUFACTURING PLANT: Overhead Paging System Repairs in Warehouse
AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, North Chicago

This large warehouse needed improved overhead paging. IBC inspected the entire system and provided troubleshooting and repairs to the problem areas, preventing the need for a costly new system.

ATTORNEYS OFFICES: Office Voice and Data Wiring
Grotefeld, Hoffman, Schleiter, Gordon & Ochoa, Chicago & Geneva, IL

This client was referred to IBC by their network consultant because they needed wiring for their new construction site. IBC installed complete voice and data cabling for this new office build-out in Geneva, with 24 Cat 5e cables.

Next, their Chicago suites were reconfigured for space optimization and needed cabling connecting multiple floors. The additional office suites needed to be connected to their existing Chicago network. IBC installed new voice and data wiring plus 6 strand 50 micron fiber for the expanded Loop office location.

BANK: Wired & Updated Multiple Sites with Client Expansion over 20 Years
Old Second National Bank of Aurora, IL and 25 suburban locations

As this long-time client has expanded locations over the years, IBC has had the opportunity keep all their locations connected by updating and installing new wiring in over twenty-five locations. IBC started wiring these bank locations in the early 1990's when their network consisted of RG6/59 coax cable. As technology evolved and their communication needs expanded, IBC was always there to wire the main bank as well as every new branch throughout the suburbs.

When the bank purchased a new VoIP phone system, IBC added new Cat 5E cable to upgrade every site location in order to connect all sites with VoIP. IBC installed data cabling throughout many locations. Recent projects include wiring the Elk Grove Village build-out with 20 voice and data cables, and wiring recently acquired office space with 14 work station consisting of two cat 6 voice and data cables each, or 24 cables. IBC installed six conductor T1 cables for a new server cabinet in the primary Aurora bank location.

“Our bank uses IBC for all of our cabling needs. We have been a client for many years and have been extremely pleased with the high level of service they have provided us. Their work is always done very professionally and in a timely manner. They are also very accommodating to our last-minute changes during the new construction of our branches. We will continue to work with IBC for all future and existing cabling needs.” - Old Second National Bank of Aurora, Aurora, IL

BANK: Upgraded New Bank location with Cat 6 Cable
Pan American Bank, Des Plaines, IL

The purchase of new and additional computers in this bank required IBC to add and upgrade the wiring to Category 6 cable to provide enhanced communications.

CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION OFFICES: New Office Build-Out, Demark Services, Fiber Cabling
V3 Companies, Woodridge, IL

When this company obtained a new service provider, demark extensions services were required to extend service to their private internal network within the Woodridge office. Our electricians also labeled and tested the cables. Higher-end OM4 armored plenum fiber optic cable was installed to provide greater bandwidth.

IBC also completely wired the new office build-out in Wood Dale The new office was for the Elgin-O’Hare construction project and required data connections for the duration of the project.

HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: Sold Phone System, Added Phone Lines, Voice Wiring, Data and voice Wireless, Demark Extension
PrimeCare Clinics, Chicago, IL – 4 sites in the city

IBC sold a NEC SL1100 digital phone system for use in this remodeled site. IBC coordinated phone service with AT&T, then added new phone lines, provided demark extension services and installed 60 voice and data cables. In addition to voice wiring and wireless data installation, IBC coordinated all the cabling with the client during their relocation to alternate sites throughout the renovation and upon return to their new site.

HOSPITAL: Trenching with Underground Conduit
Resurrection Bed Tower, Chicago, IL

A new building constructed over the point of entry required cable to be removed and new cable installed. Trenching with underground conduit was installed between the building and the property line (new multi-pair copper and fiber optic cables used for connectivity between buildings). Splicing in man-hole with copper and fiber lines run to the hospital. Project management and coordination of all services, including AT&T, electrical contractor (for inside/outside conduit) and trenching contractor. All completed on time and on budget with no outages.

MAINTENANCE & JANITORIAL COMPANY: Sold & Installed Phone System, Connected Paging System, Reviewed Telecom Services
Majesty Maintenance Company, Inc., Wood Dale, IL

Sold and installed new NEC digital phone system, replacing old AT&T phone system. Consultation included a site review and a telecom services review, resulting in a recommendation to reduce phone lines, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs. Connected paging systems.

MEDICAL CARE FACILITY: General Cable with Panduit NetKey Solutions
Pronger Smith Medical, Tinley Park, IL

This site expansion involved adding a new 40,000 square foot building, which required an additional 300+ Category 6 cables to be installed, and a new IDF closet with backbone connecting the cable between buildings. AP installation (wireless access points), TV cable installed with Category 6 STP cable, and expansion of existing client overhead paging system.

Fiber Optic Cabling, Wired IDF Closets, Connecting Buildings on Corporate Campus, Indoor/Outdoor Cabling
Reserve Management Group, Chicago, IL

Wired four fiber IDF closets utilizing multiple strand fiber optic cable connected to various buildings throughout campus. Cable was run overhead through buildings, both inside and outside, to connect these buildings. IBC also connected IDF remote closets.

Maryville Academy – multiple sites include Des Plaines, Bartlett, and other locations

Modernized Des Plaines facility for enhanced communications, installed updated cabling and added WI-FI at multiple facilities, ongoing data cabling in each site.

SOCIAL SERVICES FACILITY: New Headquarters Build-Out, Continuous Wiring
Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, IL - multiple city and suburban sites including Wheaton, Woodridge and Evanston

New headquarters build-out at 1 North Dearborn in Chicago. Installation included over 300 category 6 cables and multi-pair and fiber backbone. IBC has provided continuous wiring at various remote sites throughout the Chicagoland area, adding wireless, demarcation services at various locations, and on-call service work for line extensions, cable testing, trouble shooting and cable repairs.

“Illinois Business Communications (IBC) has been our low-voltage voice and data vendor of choice since October 1997. In that time, IBC has completed ten major projects ranging from five office suite rehabs to multi-floor new construction sites, as well as countless moves, adds and changes….The greatest testimonial that I can give this family run business is that IBC is the only contractor that I can routinely depend upon to get it right in any data/voice move or construction project.” - Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, IL

UNIVERSITY: Multi Floor Renovation with Upgraded Cabling
Resurrection University - College of Nursing (Housed inside Presence Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Chicago, IL)

IBC was subcontracted through Bear Construction for cabling project. By asking the right questions during the client consultation IBC was able to help access this university’s future needs to make the wisest cabling investment. Category 6 was chosen over 5E after careful review, to better serve their future needs. IBC installed multi-pair house cable and fiber optic backbones, and relocated a wiring closet due to new construction. This project required careful attention to existing wires that needed to be relocated. IBC researched, identified and documented all trace cables to ensure no disruptions in service while pulling and then installing new cable. As their needs have expanded IBC has made numerous additional visits to add more cable drops.

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