Our Network Cabling Services Explained

Your business’ communications network connects your company’s hardware and peripheral equipment to the Internet. It allows computers to be connected to the system, to each other and your company intranet. It is our job to make sure that not only does your system function at the highest levels possible, but that all installation practices and procedures, materials used and the design of the overall network itself will function optimally now and in the future.

You can trust your network cabling requirements to Illinois Business Communications. For more than 40 years, our family-owned and operated company has been assisting companies of all sizes in the Chicagoland, Southeastern Wisconsin and Northwestern Indiana areas with reliable installations as well as ongoing technical support. Our stellar track record has earned us a reputation for dependability and our longevity assures you that we will be there when and where you need us in the future.

We Meet or Exceed All Network Cabling Standards Everyday

In addition to network cabling standards recommended by TIA, ISO/IEC and IEEE, Illinois Business Communications (IBC) is also on the forefront of Category 8 cabling standards. IBC uses only quality cabling products from top manufacturers so that you know that the products we select will accommodate your company’s exact data needs and requirements.

Network cabling is an investment in the future revenues of your company. You want to make sure that you are getting our cabling project done right the first time and that you plan for the future. Speed, reliability and signal quality are all considerations which must be addressed when it comes to designing a network cabling system, selecting the right cables and the installation of same. You don’t want to have to spend additional resources in the future to upgrade your network cabling. A good plan, well-executed from the start will save you time, resources and headaches and your I.T. department will be able to perform optimally without needless worry about downtime and cable replacement cutting into their productivity.

Network Quality and Your Clients

Your customers, whether they are clients or tenants, rely on a cabling infrastructure daily. Whether it is transferring large files, data transfers, phone or internet communications, their experience with your system reflects either poorly or well on you. Don’t let a poorly configured network cabling system detract from a great customer experience.

Let our expertise gleaned from running millions of miles of network cable and designing cabling systems for some of the largest buildings in Chicago work for your company’s benefit. Give us a call today for a free assessment of your building space and our best network cabling recommendations for your needs.

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