Data Cabling

Data Cabling Solutions: We Start with the Basic Questions – Part 1

There is only one way to determine the right data cabling solutions for your business, and it’s as simple as asking the right questions. Most data cabling installations involve hiring an experienced low voltage data cabling contractor and determining the proper amount of cables needed; however, there are other considerations that are unique to every project. It is important to get a full understanding of the scope of the project before beginning any data cabling. When a business is moving, it is necessary to coordinate their data cabling services with other aspects of the move as early as possible. To do so, we begin with the basic questions of any data network cabling job, and then get into the data cabling details.

Getting to know you and your business

1. How you got my name and number?

We would like to know who to thank for our referrals! Our business has been built largely on referrals from past customers as well as from our business partners. Naturally, we want to be sure to thank them for each and every referral. Additionally, we like to know that our investment in Google searches are paying off. We hope to an opportunity to thank you too!

2. When are you moving?

Moving requires careful planning and coordination between many contractors and suppliers. As you consider each aspect of your move, your general contractor will be able to develop an ideal timeline to help your move go smoothly. Sometimes companies are unable to adhere to their original timelines, due to last minute items that were overlooked or unknown at the onset. Our goal is provide you with an optimal and stress-free experience when it comes to data cabling. Therefore, it is important we are in sync with other related aspects of your move.

3. Where are you moving to?

Codes and regulations vary greatly from one municipality to another. Moving to a high rise suite in a major city such as Chicago involves different requirements, such as hiring union electricians and obtaining certificate of insurance, building clearances and more. Only fully insured contractors are allowed to work in these buildings. If you are planning a new construction project, applying for permits can extend your timeline.

4. Do you have floor plans?

If you already have floor plans, your data cabling contractor will want to review them at your first meeting in order to properly determine everything that will be needed to complete your data cabling services. If you have not yet drawn up the floor plans, your data cabling contractor will provide the floor plan at the first site meeting.

5. When can we meet to review the site?

It is important for your data cabling contractor to see the space and to review the project, as early on as possible, to avoid expensive changes or unnecessary delays.

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